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Soft Rot

The term " soft rot " was originally used by Findlay and Savory (1954) to describe a specific type of wood decay caused by Ascomy...
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White Rot

W hite-rot research has been reviewed by Ericksson et al. (1990) and Mess-ner et al. (2003). White rot means the degradation of cellulose...
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Brown Rot

B rown Ro t is caused by Basidiomvcetes, which metabolize the carbohydrates cellulose and hemicelluloses of the woody cell wall by non-en...
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Wood Rot

There are three types of fungal wood rot: brown, white, and soft rot . Further terms are either older names (e.g., destruction rot = brow...
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To avoid microbial wood discoloration, the generally suitable measures against fungi (e.g., Liese et al. 1973; Liese and Peek 1987; Grog ...
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           Approximately 120,000 fungal species are described. If the numerical ratio between vascular plants and fungi of 1:6 in botanic...
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