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Friday, 9 December 2016

Ecological dictionary C, part 2, climatic climax to competition

                              Ecological dictionary C, part 2

climatic climax stable seral stage in equilibrium determined by the general climate of the region

climax term introduced by F. E. Clements in 1916, representing the final stage of ecological succession; a stage of vegetation where P = R that is self-perpetuating in the absence of major disturbance

climograph chart in which one major climatic factor is plotted against another

coarse-grained refers to a habitat or landscape patch in which the vagility of a given animal species is low relative to the size of the patch

coevolution a type of community evolution in which evolutionary interactions occur among organisms in which exchange of genetic information among different populations is minimal or absent; the joint evolution of one species in a non-interbreeding relationship partially de-pending on the evolution of the other through reciprocal selective pressures

coexistence two or more species living together in the same habitat

cohort group of individuals of the same age class collective properties summation of the properties of the parts (for example, birth rate, which is the sum of individual births within a designated time period)

commensalism relationship between two species in which one population is benefited but the other is not affected

community includes all the populations inhabiting a specific area at the same time

compensation depth depth in a lake where light penetration is so reduced that oxygen pro-duction by photosynthesis balances oxygen consumption by respiration (that is, the depth in a lake where P/R = 1 )

competition relationship between two species that is mutually detrimental to both popula-tions
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