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Major economies outside the top 10

In line with previous editions of the index, the performance of the 12 largest economies by 2014 GDP in the EAPI 2016, accounting for nearly 70% of world gross domestic product (GDP), is still visibly lagging across the EAPI energy triangle, a consequence of the relative scale and complexity of their energy sectors. Out of the 12 nations, only France (4th) sits among the top 10 performers on the index. The remaining 11 largest economies and their respective scores on the EAPI are: United States (48th), China (94th), Japan (50th), Germany (24th), United Kingdom (16th), Brazil (25th), Italy (22nd), India (90th), Russian Federation (52nd), Canada (30th) and Australia (53rd).

Major resource-rich economies may be held back by their focus on domestic supplies and fuel subsidies which, based on the EAPI, often comes at the expense of performance on environmental sustainability. Ease of access combined with cheap supplies relieves the pressure for countries to change, and the recent climate pledges will take time to generate tangible improvements.

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