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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ecological dictionary b

biological oxygen demand indicator of pollution caused by an effluent. related to the uptake ot dissolved oxygen by microorganisms that decompose organic matter present in the effluent

biomass weight of living material. typically expressed as dry weight per unit area or volume

biome large regional or subcontinental system characterized by a particular major vegetation ',such as a temperate deciduous forest): biomes are distinguished by the predominant 71ants associated with a particular climate (especially temperature and precipitation)

biosphere that part of the environment of Earth in which living organisms are found

biotic refers to the living components of an ecosystem

biotic potential maximum reproductive potential of an organism

 bog wetland ecosystem characterized by acidic conditions and accumulation of peat. dominated by sphagnum moss

bottom-up regulation regulation of a community or ecosystem trophic structure related to increased productivity of the producer trophic level; influence of producers on the trophic lev-els above them in the food web

breeding dispersal movement of individuals out of a population prior to initiation of the breeding season 
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